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Google has introduced their mobile first indexing update.

Get in and don’t get left behind, find a web design company in Johannesburg (if you’re reading this you found one), you will get left behind.

With Google constantly updating and the world constantly changing, Google has made Mobile devices priority for the users.

If your website is not mobile friendly and your competitor’s site is, then your potential customers will be going to your competitor via mobile.

Reasons why you need a website:

  1. Reaching more customers
  2. Influencing peoples decisions.
  3. Show off your products/services.
  4. A 24/7 Online Service.
  5. More comfortable for users to communicate with your business.
  6. Professional email and not Gmail. We know you love your Gmail but its time to give it up for a real domain.
  7. It gives your company a Voice.
  8. You can beat your competitors with, a website, SEO, and marketing.

It's 2018 and you don't have a Mobile Responsive website!

Your Business should not be a treasure that is hard to find!
We will help your business to get found online much easier!

Don’t hide your business, flaunt it! Show the world what you do, what you sell!

A website can put you one step ahead of your competitors, improve your presence, let people reach out to you in a much easier way.

Your business can never have too much activity.

What a website can do for you:

Easy Access
Mobile First Searches
Better Relationship
Long Term Clients
Increase Sales
More Professional Presence
Less Expensive

A website design company in Johannesburg. We offer you 100% satisfaction with our website designs, we do not provide any hosting, but we can help you find inexpensive hosting plans and help maintain your site.

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