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C Square Graphic Design Services in Johannesburg

C Square is a Johannesburg based interactive graphic design company.

We specialize in the creation of striking adverts and similar media, suitable for use online and offline.

Whether you are a Company based in Randburg, starting-up in need of a new logo design.

Or a brick and mortar business in need of creative flyers, C Square can help.

Our designer’s pair state-of-the-art design capabilities with precision timekeeping, to deliver high-impact ad media on time, and always on budget.

Eye-Catching Advertising Doesn’t Just Happen

Do you know who your customers are?

Do you know what colors and creative concepts speak their language?

As an intuitive graphic design agency, C Square grabs the attention of target audiences.

We pair intensive market research with cutting-edge graphic design.

Our quick, no-nonsense designers, create ad media which ‘pops’ visually. However, we do so while keeping your budget in mind!w

  • Improve ad click-through rates (CTR) using attention-grabbing ad media
  • Topple local brick and mortar competition with strategically designed flyers, business cards, posters, brochures, banners & much more.
  • Brand or rebrand your entire business with unmistakable design

Your Logo Should "SHOUT" what you do!

Graphic Design Services in Johannesburg

Revitalize Your Brand Without Breaking the Bank

When launching a business, it’s crucial to invest in an immediately recognizable brand persona.

From your website to the letterheads you use, your corporate identity is your chief marketing asset. At C Square, we know this.

However, we don’t charge hefty premiums for logo design like other graphic designers.

  • Work with us to design eye-grabbing branded letterheads and company packaging
  • Announce events, sales, and store openings with attention-grabbing posters
  • Showcase products and services in sophisticated catalogs and brochures

Business owners in Johannesburg develop fresh new brands with us every day.

Moreover, bringing your company to life with us couldn’t be easier.

What is an Average Logo Design Cost?

An average logo can cost R4000-R15000.

However, at C Square, we promise to beat any price offered by any like for like graphic design company.

Lightweight Advertising Maestros

As a Johannesburg SEO, Marketing & Design company.

C Square can create eye-grabbing ads for lightweight digital advertising, before also incorporating these into effective content and social media marketing campaigns.

We are also first in Johannesburg, Randburg, and Roodepoort, for graphic artwork and logo design, tailored explicitly for bespoke website deployments.

Whatever Budget Works for You

Logo design and graphic design costs can be prohibitive for many SME’s.

We change this by offering fair prices at fees which we are always happy to negotiate on a client to client basis.

Stop paying more for less.

Reach out to our multi-disciplined design team, and let’s start showcasing your brand to its fullest.


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