E-Commerce Development

Selling your products online!
Promote & Sell your products online is easier than ever!

By having an online store, you will not be restricted to selling your products in one location. An online store enables you to sell nationwide or even worldwide, that is if you are up for the challenge!

Most people think of an online store as: “I will only sell products and make a lot of money by not doing anything! Hooray!!!”. If you are in that mindset, I have bad news for you. It doesn’t work that way. Sure if you are drop shipping, it is less work. But you still have to work.

Today, your business has many more advantages like online marketing platforms such as social media, personalized deals, offers and 24/7 hours of ordering for a user.

Why you need an e-commerce website if you sell products:

  1. Reaching more customers with your product even if you have a brick and mortar store this is a nation/worldwide online shop.
  2. Influencing peoples decisions by creating special offers and daily deals.
  3. A 24/7 Online Service.
  4. More comfortable for users to communicate with your business.
  5. It gives your company a Voice.
  6. By having an online pay gate,¬†you are removing that doubt from customers to buy your product or service. Once it’s done, it’s done, unless they return the product.

It's 2018 and you don't have a Mobile Responsive website!

Increasing your sales and connecting with your audience should be your no.1 priority. Having an audience that loves your product, that continually buys it if and when they need it, creates a secure connection, it can result in them sharing your products with their friends, colleagues or even family. In return can bring you more potential customers.

An online shop can reach more customers in 3 hours than a Brick and mortar store could in a week!
People will eventually get over their fear of online shopping. 80% already have!

Its never to late to get started.

If you have a brick and mortar store or if you are starting out. If you have a new unique product or even if you sell the same thing that other companies sell.

You can still compete and drive sales. You need the right people to help you out. We can develop your e-commerce site, promote your products with our marketing skills, and increase your search engine visibility with our SEO knowledge.

We are a Digital Agency in Johannesburg, and we can help you achieve your goals.

What an e-commerce website can do for you:

Easy Access
Mobile First Searches
Better Relationship
Long Term Clients
Increase Sales
More Professional Presence
Less Expensive

Estimate The Cost yourself!

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